About Me

Look mom! I am performing!
Otso at age 2.

Since the very beginning of my life, I've had an innate urge to perform.

And having grown up between two cultures led me to find new ways to express myself.


Mielonen was born in Oulu (1995) and his family moved to Copenhagen 1999. Growing up between cultures and an innate urge to perform, he quickly found himself performing somekind of act at nearly every school talent show. He picked up electric bass at age 13 and age 18 he picked up the double bass and started studying classical double bass with Andreas Bennetzen. In 2015 Mielonen moved to Dublin where he did his undergraduate in Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance at Dublin City University. During his degree he studied bass and composition with Ronan Guilfoyle, Cormac O’Brien, Dave Redmond and Greg Felton. 

In the end of 2019, Mielonen moved back to Copenhagen and picked up studying classical double bass again with Erik Higgins to hone his skills. With encouragement of Higgins’ other student at the time Kinnon Church and Higgins’ himself, Mielonen decided to apply to for a degree in historically informed performance practice on Violone / Viola da Gamba, which led him study with Joshua Cheatham at Hogeschool voor den Kunsten Utrecht.

As a bandleader Mielonen released his debut album Sisucunda and the Entrepreneurs of Survival in March 2020 with some of the finest young musicians in Ireland. Mielonen has also experimented with other forms of compositions in forms of edited improvisations to pictures and film. 

Currently Mielonen resides in Copenhagen and is the bassist in BE:OK Art Lab, a piano trio focusing on reinterpreting the music of Bela Bartok. In addition Mielonen constantly seeks to write new music, these days he focuses on writing music, which draws inspiration from his roots in Fennoscandinavia.